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Should you buy viewers on Twitch or Mixer? Nope

We know that streaming to a non-existent audience can be very disheartening, but don’t buy viewers on Twitch or Mixer. It’s not worth the risk.

Don't Buy viewers on twitch or mixer.
This image is representing all the view bot advertisers tempting you, where you should simply say “No”.

It has come to our attention recently that quite a few people are participating in this scam in their attempts to grow. Let us explain to you why this is one of the worst things you can do for your channel.

There are a number of reasons as to why this is true, but the most important one is that your account will be flagged as a view bot user. What this means is any chances you had of becoming a partner is gone until the flag expires. Both Twitch and Mixer make strong efforts to prevent view-botters from becoming a partner, and that alone should be enough for you to not participate in buying viewers on Twitch or Mixer.

If that is not reason enough, Let’s go further into this.

Why buying viewers on Twitch or Mixer is a bad idea

Over 2,400 of you guys are searching "buy viewers on twitch." on google. Don't do this!
2,400 searches a month…Bad idea guys!

These people that offer this service are doing so fully aware that it is against TOS and can get your account permanently banned. They are not your friends, they are scammers. So don’t fall for their sweet words.

  1. Partnership reviews will likely be denied if they suspect view-botting.
  2. It is against both Twitch and Mixer TOS. They could even ban your account, destroying potentially years of work.
  3. You need to spend a LOT of money to avoid flagging your account. 1-4 streams a week with a 70 viewer count at $20 a pop adds up quickly.
    • Which opens up more chances for Twitch and Mixer to catch on.
  4. You may be hacked at any point during the transaction. This is especially true if they require a connection integration into your Twitch account. This means they hijack your account, 2FA or not (Since they have a back door).
  5. They can get your IP from when you visit their website, meaning they can directly hack you. (Think Ransomware, Astaroth Trojan, Keyloggers, etc.) Anything they can do to make more money from you.
  6. You risk your financial credentials and even identity being sold on the Dark Web, meaning fraudulent charges can be made to your account. This could potentially cost you thousands and a forced engagement in an uphill battle to prove your identity was stolen.

We totally get it is a frustrating experience to stream to nobody, and you may even be considering buying a viewer package from these sites. But there are better ways that are free, even if looked upon poorly.

So please, don’t buy viewers for Twitch or Mixer. It really isn’t worth the risk.

Lurking Communities – The Free Viewers

Lurking communities work together to push each other's goals.

Join a lurker community. These tend to be looked at poorly by in large, but at least the viewers you get are free, and not bots. They might not engage with chat, or even watch your stream, but they are a hell of a lot better than a view-bot package you purchase from some obscure website.

They also do not break TOS, and can even be a lot of fun. I was once an active member of the HypeSpeed Community (Formerly Lurkspeed) and I had a lot of fun with them and learned a lot from them. Many times, they even stayed and chatted for the duration of my streams. All for free. If all you are looking for is someone to chat with during stream, this is my recommendation to you.

Better than Lurker Communities

Instead of Buying viewers on twitch, join a lurking community. HypeSpeed Logo.
The Official HypeSpeed Logo used with permission from BlaineThePain. Check them out!

These guys, in particular (HypeSpeed), are a bit different from your typical lurking communities. Rather than simply open a chrome tab with your stream at minimum volume in a multi-Twitch tab like most communities, they actively engage in your chat, talk with people who stop in if you’re afk, and even drop bits, gift subs, and more. They are not a lurking community so much as they are a good streaming community.

Some of the things they do for members of their community include:

  • Active promotion of members of Hype Speed that have the “Official Streamer” role on discord.
  • Organize large raids for members of the community at large
  • Offer support for members who need someone to talk to
  • And much more. Join their discord to find out more!

This should be your first choice before you buy viewers on Twitch or Mixer. (Which you should not do regardless!) Of course, you should also be making a big effort in advertising yourself. In fact, advertising yourself should be your primary concern when starting out. Like a business, if nobody knows about you, how are you going to get customers?

What you should spend your money on instead

Say no to Buying viewers on twitch. Use your money to improve your production value instead, or to do paid advertising

There are hundreds of better ways to spend money to see growth. It won’t have the explosive surge that a view bot has, but you will see organic growth using these methods:

Improving your stream in some way

The first thing to look at is the quality of your content. Review your Vods, compare the quality of the video feed to someone else. Change the location of your face cam. Buy a nice light for your face cam.

Maybe Look into a new mic, or add an audio interface. If you already have a solid mic/interface, look into things you can do for room acoustics. All of these have a direct effect on the production quality of your stream.

Got all that taken care of? Look into Voice Acting lessons to improve the quality of yourself. All these things are FAR better uses of your money than buying viewers on Twitch or Mixer. After all, you are putting on a show. What better way to improve your show then by studying acting?

Again, Advertise, Advertise, Advertise. You want to become an influencer.

When we say Advertise, we don’t mean Post on twitter/Facebook that you are going live (Those are great for established audiences, not for creating audiences). We’re talking actual advertisements here.

Posters, Business cards, car magnets, blog articles, clips from a stream, etc.
Example Business card.
An example Business card.

We’ve explained in a recent article that you should form your own streaming community, and this is absolutely true. Also within that article were ways to advertise yourself, along with a fairly unique way using a laptop or tablet in the back of your car window to advertise while doing other things.

Just the other day, I walked into a CVS and saw someone wearing a Ninja Merch T-Shirt.

That shirt is a walking billboard and a conversation starter. You should get some of your own merch and walk around with it on you. Maybe even buy a bunch and donate them to someplace like big brothers big sisters or something.

Your shirts now go to people in need and act as walking billboards for you. These ads last a long time and can be great publicity for you. So you don’t need to buy viewers on Twitch or Mixer.

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