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Voice acting classes = improve your stream quality

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Streaming is an incredibly competitive field and is only growing more-so every day. By taking some voice acting lessons, you add another layer of quality.

Now, there is a plethora of free voice acting tutorials on YouTube by many fantastic and prominent voice actors & podcasters:

I recommend giving each one of those people a good look and really doing what you can to learn some stuff on your own; This is the free option for those without ANY budget at all.

However, none of them will point out specific issues with something you do subconsciously; something only an in-person or video voice actor instructor can do.

It is for this reason that I recommend taking lessons if you are struggling to gain traction, or are just looking for ways to improve your streaming.

If you are unable to afford these lessons, perhaps looking for an acting club of some sort in your area? I remember seeing one with no cost to you, and they can be fun to do (maybe even stream them?)

Why voice acting classes?

You should take Voice acting classes specifically is because you are being taught how to speak properly into the microphone in a home studio environment.

Being able to speak properly into the microphone is only the first step, however. You also need to entertain your audience or they will lose interest faster than a black hole can devour a star that enters the event horizon.

You can entertain people in a few ways:

  • Being exceptionally good at what you do, like being a Professional Gamer.
  • Having an amazing personality and ability to draw people to you.
  • Looking absolutely drop-dead good(I hate to admit it, but your looks do have a play here, both guys and girls)
  • Or to have something that others can’t provide that is interesting enough to watch you!

The good news is that personality can be learned, as evidenced by actors in movies and TV shows. To become someone else is to embody their personality.

Let’s just focus on that second point of an amazing personality, supported by the fourth point of having something others don’t.

Acting out a scene that unfolds:

Voice acting is acting without a camera on you.

Let’s say you just got a Pentakill on League of Legends. How do you think you will go about expressing your hype to your audience?

Do you:

  • Start laughing at the end and shout “PENTAKILL BOIIIS!!!”
  • Build excitement leading up to that Penta kill by shouting “ONE DOWN, TWO DOWN, THREE DOWN, C’MON DIE!!! FOUR!!!! OMGGGG PENTAKILLL EEEEYEAH BOYS LETS GO! Follow me etc. We got em!!”
  • Stay silent, like its no big deal?
  • ETC.

Ask yourself from that example is the most entertaining to watch from the audience perspective.

It would easily be number two; You are keeping your audience on the edge of their seat and building excitement leading up to the last kill.

Even if you should fail miserably, you can recover that with something like, “WHAAAAT! No way. Well, we got three, CLEAN UP THE FIELD TEAM, THERE ARE ONLY TWO LEFT!!” It is your responsibility to seize the moment.

With a voice acting mentor, you could run these hypothetical scenarios off them and see what they think about it. Remember to be passionate about your example, do it as best you can as if it were happening live. And be ready for rejection or distaste from the mentor. Rejection is a good thing, prompting you to ask, “how do you suppose you’d go about doing this then?”

Mumbling is bad news bears

With our ever-growing reliance on technology to connect, we’ve lost the ability to enunciate our words. I’m guilty of it, and MANY, MANY new streamers are too.

We’ve grown used to talking with minimal mouth movement, so as to not blow the ears off of people using headsets. It’s unfortunate because if you just open your mouth all the way, the sound gets quite a bit more full.

It’s to the point where it is completely sub-conscious, and a difficult habit to break. Have you ever noticed how wide professional singers open their mouths?

Wide open mouth, perfect for voice acting and singing, it projects the voice better.

With a voice acting mentor, this habit can be broken, along with other small nuances that you have that inhibit you.

Where can I get voice acting lessons?

Unfortunately, we do not currently have any mentor recommendations on who can teach you at this time. If you are a mentor, you are welcome to leave a comment with your contact information here, and I’ll update the post with it.

What can I expect to pay for voice acting lessons?
Various forms of US Dollar Bills.

From my initial research, I’ve been quoted anywhere from $30 an hour to over $120 an hour, based on the mentor’s experience and location(Mentors in NY tend to charge more from what I’ve seen) You are definitely going to want to do your own research to get the best deal you can afford; A word of advice, NEVER take the first offer immediately. You never know if someone with a better deal will offer a few days later.

Lesson.com has a voice acting section for mentors, I’d recommend trying that site out to see what you get for offers.

Also, They are usually willing to haggle; I’ve managed to talk someone down from $50 to $20 a lesson(Which I never took, because I ran into financial hardship, not but a week later). Just don’t insult them with your offer, and you’ll be alright.

Let me know if this helps you out, and who you go with (Or have gone with if you are ahead of the game) with for your mentors! I’d appreciate someone who has first hand experience with a mentor giving the recommendation!

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